Why "Golden Goat"?

"Early legends ascribe the discovery of coffee to various people. 

The favourite one which has been generally adopted is that of the 'dancing goats'.
Kaldi, a young Abyssinian goatherd, used to his sleepy goats, noticed to his amazement that after chewing certain berries they began to prance about excitedly. He tried the berries himself, forgot his troubles, lost his heavy heart and became the happiest person in 'happy Arabia'. A monk from a nearby monastery surprised Kaldi in the state, decided to try the berries too, and invited his brothers to join him. They all felt more alert that night during their prayers. Soon all the monks of the realm were chewing the berries and praying without feeling drowsy." 
Claudia Roden - Coffee

Based on this legend, we have launched the
Golden Goat Online Coffee Shop
to bring the latest and finest coffee specialties to your table from a wonderful elixir also known as ‘black gold’
We hope you enjoy every cup of coffee we bring to you from all over the world.
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Golden Goat Coffee Company